Charitable Donations and Sponsorship

At Peak Walking Adventures we are pleased to support a range of Charities through sponsorship or donations.  In 2017, these are our three chosen charities:


Derbyshire Wildlife Trust

The Derbyshire Wildlife Trust

Most of our guided walks take place in the Derbyshire part of the Peak District.  The Derbyshire Wildlife Trust  works to protect all wildlife across the county.  They manage 42 nature reserves, including moorland, wetlands, woodlands and wildflower meadows.

International Porter Protection Group

The International Porter Protection Group

The IPPG aims to improve safety and health for porters working in the mountains for the trekking industry worldwide. They work to eradicate avoidable illness, injury and death by lobbying, education, monitoring and direct action.  They also support porters in their quest for a decent wage and freedom from overloading.  Relevant to us because so many of our customers are training for treks abroad where they will use the services of local mountain porters.      


The Peak District National Park Authority Access Fund

The Peak District National Park Authority set up an Access Fund on the tenth anniversary of the introduction of open access to use for:

  • Creating new access points onto access land
  • Restoring eroded paths on access land
  • Creating new areas of access land
  • Developing new concession paths to improve links to existing access
  • Other improvements such as signage

As we enjoy walking over Access Land in the beautiful hills and moorlands of the Peak District, it seems entirely approriate that we should make a small contribution towards it's upkeep and improvement.


In 2016 we supported the following charities:

  • The Derbyshire Wildlife Trust
  • The International Porter Protection Group
  • The Stanage North Lees Estate
  • The BMC's Mend our Mountains campaign