Updated 20 June 2022

Our principal aim is to ensure the safety and well being of our clients, the communities we walk in, and ourselves.


Government restrictions have been relaxed.  However, these are the likely actions we would take in the future, in the event of a further outbreak: 

  • We would continue to ensure that all clients would be well within their existing abilities so as to reduce the risk of requiring help from the mountain rescue teams, air ambulance, police and the NHS. 
  • We would keep our group sizes small, and ensure that social distancing guidance is followed.
  • We would continue to follow Government guidance with the aim of being socially responsible, safe, lawful and realistic in what we are able to provide.
  • Bookings would be subject to revised terms and conditions where there is no financial penalty for cancelling due to ill health, or self isolation. 
  • Clients would be asked to complete a pre-walk questionnaire and bring specified equipment with them. 
  • Our standard registration and medical forms would have to be completed on-line rather than a paper form, and handed over at the start of the walk.

We will regularly review current Government guidance as well as guidance from the British Mountaineering Council, relevant National Park Authorities, and update our website and client information accordingly.