Sustaining the Peak District for the Future

At Peak Walking Adventures, we care deeply about the beautiful natural environment in which we are fortunate enough to live, work, and share with you, our customers. We feel it is vital that the countryside remains a thriving community with a strong local economy. We therefore seek to operate our business in a thoroughly sustainable way that will not only help to protect the wonderful landscapes, wildlife, and plantlife for future generations to enjoy, but will also support local communities, allowing it to remain a 'living, working countryside'.


We hope that our passion for this will result in you having a more enjoyable experience during your stay in the Peak District.  You can get involved too!  We have outlined below what we do, and have then given you some great ideas to try.  We have implemented the following measures to make your experience with us more enjoyable, and to achieve our objective of being a truly responsible and sustainable business:

Cotton Grass on Black Hill
Cotton Grass on Black Hill

Protecting the Environment:

  • Taking only small groups out into environmentally sensitive areas to minimise the impact on delicate ecosystems and avoid unnecessary erosion.
  • Implementing a 'leave no trace' policy, leaving the countryside with no evidence that we have visited.
  • Helping our customers to learn about the fragile upland environment and how they can help protect it.
  • Sharing our knowledge of local plants, animals, geology, and local history to promote a greater love of the countryside and desire to protect it among others.
  • Taking home only memories and photographs. We never pick wild flowers or take rock samples etc.
  • Following The Countryside Code on all of our walks.
  • Encouraging customers to arrive by public transport or minimise the use of their car during their stay.
  • Making many of our walks accessible to those using public transport.
  • Using a vehicle ourselves that has low carbon emissions.
  • Doing most of our marketing, admin and booking arrangements on-line to reduce use of paper
  • Recycling the small amount of waste paper, print cartridges etc that we produce
  • Following environmental guidance offered by the Peak District National Park Authority.
  • Supporting local charities.  

 Supporting the Local Economy and Communities:

  • Using local suppliers whenever possible for all aspects of our business
  • Recommending locally owned hotels, guesthouses, and self-catering accommodation
  • Encouraging our customers to sample locally sourced food
  • Promoting to customers other attractions, craft products, activity providers etc within the area
  • Helping our customers to learn about the Peak District way of life, culture and heritage.

Peak District Environmental Quality Mark

Peak District Environmental Quality Mark

We are delighted to have been awarded the prestigious Peak District Environmental Quality Mark in recognition of our the quality of the experience that we provide to our customers.  This is an award presented by the Peak District National Park Authority to organisations that:

  • support the local economy
  • protect the global environment
  • enhance the local environment
  • invest in people and communities
  • celebrate what’s special about the Peak District National Park.

When you buy a product or service that has been awarded the Environmental Quality Mark, you can be confident that your purchase helps look after the Peak District environment, as well as local people and communities.


Please do take the time to contact us with your ideal on how we can further improve.  

How can you help make a difference?

When planning your guided walking holiday or day walk:

  • Consider whether you could give your car a holiday and travel here by public transport. There are good rail links from most parts of the country and many of our walks are accessible by public transport. 

 While you are here:


If you have brought your car, minimise its use during your stay. Ask us about public transport and bike hire on your non-walking days

  • Buy some of the superb local produce that is available, support local outdoor clothing and walking supplies shops
  • Take home local food, art and crafts as souvenirs
  • Use water and power sparingly, switch lights off, turn the heating down whenever possible.
  • Recycle your rubbish or take it home
  • Dispose of batteries at proper disposal points so they don't cause contamination (we can provide advice where)
  • Learn about how we live and respect our local communities
  • Respect our countryside, take photos not plants, leave gates as you find them.
  • Don’t climb dry-stone walls, they fall down easily and take a long time to repair
  • Keep to rights of way on private ground, keep to paths on Access Land during the breeding season, keep dogs on a lead, and respect Access Land closures and restrictions.
  • Show you are a responsible traveler, ask about environmental policies, look for environmental awards.
  • Consider combining a few days of guided walking with a day or more undertaking voluntary conservation work.

 When you get back:


Leave feedback for us on TripAdvisor or e-mail us and let us know how you think we are doing. Let us have your ideas for further reducing environmental impacts and sustaining local communities.

  • Tell your friends about the wonderful Peak District countryside, history, and folklore. Share your photos.
  • Follow our Countryside Blog to learn more about the Peak District countryside through the seasons
  • Enjoy the memories and start planning your next trip!