Wild Camping

Wild camping in the mountains
Wild camping in the mountains

For a real 'back to nature' adventure you can't beat walking up into the hills and finding a suitable spot to pitch your tent and spend the night. 


We offer wild camping and guided mountain walking weekends in Snowdonia, North Wales, and semi-wild camping experiences in the Peak District.  


To minimise our impact on the fragile upland environment we take no more than four people on these special weekends.  We provide light weight but strong mountain tents and suitable cooking equipment, and we will provide you with advice regarding what you need to bring with you and what to wear.  


Wild camping in Snowdonia involves mountain walking in a remote area and is suitable for anyone who has a good level of fitness and is strong enough to carry a large rucksack that could weigh around 13 - 14 kilos up the mountainside..   


Semi-wild camping in the Peak District involves trekking over hilly terrain, but is easier than our Snowdonia experience.  A reasonable level of fitness is required and the ability to carry a large rucksack throughout the day that could weigh up to 14 kilos.  


Wild camping experiences are available for individuals to join a small 'open group', or on a private guided basis for established groups or couples.  Please see the individual pages for Snowdonia and for the Peak District for full details.