Peak District Fabulous Family Walks

Join us for a fabulous family walk with your children! 

The Peak District is both 'mighty and manageable'.  It offers summits, scrambles, stories, wrecks and treasure on a scale that works perfectly for a family day out. 

Whether you want to find a second world war aircraft wreck, scramble up a Clough on Derbyshire's highest plateau, or seek treasure at 'Robin Hood's Stride', we can help you meet your mission! 

Your guides are Rachel Bolton or Richard Tower.  Rachel’s background is in primary school teaching and Richard taught younger children and families on holidays as a qualified sailing instructor.

We'll ensure your family walk is:

  • un:            We like to educate and inspire but we'll always make it enjoyable
  • ffordable   We can accommodate a family group from just £80 a day 
  • espoke     We work to your family's aspirations, ages and abilities, so that the day works for you all


Walks will start at 0945 and generally be finished between by 1400-1500.

Depending on the group and route, walks can be one mile (300 feet of ascent) to five miles (1200 feet of ascent) or more. 

Subject to agreement with Rachel and Richard you may be able to bring your family dog too!


On every walk there will be treasure - so let's find it together!


Find the Bleaklow Bomber - Monday 25 October

An American Superfortress Bomber tragically lost its way in mist in 1948 and crashed on the summit of Derbyshire's second highest plateau - Bleaklow Hill. From the A57 Snake Pass the walk climbs up the Britain's most famous footpath, the Pennine Way, which stretches for 268 miles and into Scotland - fortunately, we turn off after a couple of miles!  We reach our summit, Higher Shelf Stones at over 2,000 feet - it's a big reward for less than 500 feet of uphill climbing with great views.  We'll teach you to use the compass and you can lead us to the plane wreck - parts of the aircraft's engines, undercarriage and wings remain along with a memorial to those who sadly lost their lives  - we'll tell you the story.  Using the compass you can lead us back to the Pennine Way, before we return to Snake Pass. 

  • 4 miles (7km) with 500 feet (150m) of climbing - a steady climb with big reward
  • We meet at 0945 at the summit of the A57 Snake Pass (off-road parking but no loos/facilities) 
  • After your walk, Derwent Valley Visitor Centre is 20 mins away with loos, cafe and bike hire
  • Any questions?  Please Contact Peak Walking Adventures
Find the Bleaklow Bomber - Monday 25 October


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Treasure at Robin Hood's Stride - Wednesday 27 October, Thursday 28 October

This walk's great for younger children and new navigators (of any age).  First, we'll look at some map skills so that you can learn to find your way.  Then you'll take us to the rocky outcrops of Robin Hood's Stride where legend says Robin Hood leapt between the rocks!  No leaping off rocks for us, but there will be hidden treasure - see if you can use your new navigation skills to find it!  We'll provide a map compass for an enjoyable day where learning is easy and fun! 

  • 4 miles (8km) with 700 feet (200m) of climbing -  a few climbs but spread through the day
  • We can shorten it for younger ones - to 1.5 miles with 300 feet (100m) of climbing
  • We normally meet at 0945 at in Youlgreave and should be finished between 1400 - 1500
  • Any questions?  Please Contact Peak Walking Adventures
Treasure at Robin's Hood's Stride - Wednesday 27 October, Thursday 28 October


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Grindsbrook Scramble

This is a fun, safe scramble from Edale up a rocky path onto the Peak District's highest plateau.  Eat your lunch at nearly 2000 feet ( 609m ) on a summit called Grinslow Knoll.  See if you can spot  the train winding through the valley far below! We descend grassy slopes via a good path back to the village where cafes, pubs, car parks, loos and a train station make for a really accessible family day out. 

  • 5 miles (8km) with 1200 feet (380m) of climbing -  a steep but safe scramble with great views
  • We meet at 0945 at in Edale and should be finished between 1400 - 1500
  • Any questions? Please Contact Peak Walking Adventures
Grindsbrook Scramble


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For guided walks and events in the Peak District beyond September 2021, please see our guided walking calendar.